Anonymous said: What do you believe in? What do you love? What do you do for fun?

I believe in Saving Artie T and getting market basket back to normal, I love chipotle and my nephew, I like YouTube/movies and stuff like that I’m a nerd , I also like getting drunk for fun

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My bestfriend and I super bored at work

Anonymous said: What would your dream girl look like?

Ummmmm I’m more for personality honestly but I guess I like the dyke style, skinny jeans, vans, plaid shirts, v necks, snap backs , beanies , tattoos , piercings, but Literally if you are funny and sarcastic you will most likely be the sexiest thing I ever saw so

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Anonymous said: What are your nationalities?

French and Italian

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My Chest is sun burnt
If I was Dating you… Finish the rest in my ask and let me know. 2,694 notes

Anonymous said: What are you protesting for?

To get our CEO back, he was fired by the board of Directors of the company, which is his first cousin, a family died about greed and ego , and it’s ruining the company

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So since we’ve been outside protesting everyday and I’ve been screaming and whatever
I’m curious as to how many people hate me or think I’m annoying
Like it’s honestly fine
But the point is to be rowdy on the side of the street
I could be over thinking this
Or very self aware

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